XCP-NG Error / Issue moving from one NAS to another

I am having a problem with XCP-NG migrating VDI to another NAS device I get “The VDI mirroring cannot be performed” and operation fails. Anyone have any ideas on what could be the problem? I have searched but not found anything useful.

Not sure what you are doing to cause that error but I do have a video explaining how migrations work here:

Can you create a VM on this different storage?

Is the different storage on the same network (vlan)?

Can you migrate the VM to local storage?

I’d probably create a simple linux VM on the new storage, make sure to install the management agent, and then start moving this VM around to see if it is a VM issue or a migration issue. Simplest VM I can think to make is the XO from sources VM that you can download, it is less than 10gb on disk, comes with the management agent installed, and migrates fast.

Hi, I have managed to sort out the issue. The problem was with the NAS hardware. Changed out the NAS for another unit and migration worked 100%. Thank you for the input and suggestions.