XCP-NG delay vm startup?

Is there a way (any means) to make a delay list for VMs to start after a power outage? I tried setting a delay in XO, but that really only applies to HA, at least it hasn’t changed anything in my lab system.

We had another power outage last night, longer than my UPS will last. Most things where working when I got in this morning, only my Trellix server was messed up.

What I really want is first DC to load, then second DC, then something later for the rest of them.

I chased this subject for a bit the last time we lost power this long and found nothing, hoping that someone might have a secret process (or magic spell) they can share.

in XO go to a VM and under the advanced tab “Start delay (seconds)” can be set

Did that, it does not seem to do anything, but I’ll play with it more when I bring my lab back to life. Moving to XCP-NG 8.3 beta for the lab after wrecking one of my servers doing something wrong.

XO used to say that this time delay was only for VMs in an HA mode, now I see it doesn’t say that, but from the last time my system came back from power outage, it was clear that some VMs came up before DNS was running. In theory the one that didn’t function was a 360 second delay which should have been long enough for one of the AD VMs to come up. I’ll have to test more.