XCP-ng: Continuous replication in same pool mistake

I made the mistake of adding my second server to the same pool that I was performing continuous replication too.
I was testing out how to spin up the new VMs in the event that the primary server goes offline and found that the second server is unusable without the primary server.
Any recommendations on how to remove the server from the pool while maintaining continuous replication setup? I removed the second server from the pool in my test setup and storage is missing as well as the VMs.

Also, the fact the all other servers in a pool become unusable when the master goes down is kind of a big problem, I would think. That scares me actually. I don’t think I would use XCP-ng for running VMs in a cluster.

Also, currently looking for how to start the VM via cli. I get the “You attempted an operation that was explicitly blocked” message. In Xen Orchestra you can force start. How do I force start in CLI?

One of my VMs has 1TB of storage, so that would take a long time to clone. Also, the data will be different from the original, so I would have to migrate the VM back anyway.

If the master in a pool goes down you promote another member of the pool to become master, or don’t have them in a pool but that would mean not having shared storage for the hosts, each storage would be separate. Continuous replication can go to to a storage target in another pool.

Here is some of the command line options: Command-line interface | Citrix Hypervisor 8.2

You can google a bit and find most any of them.

I found the command to change pool master, thank you.

It seems that I have to clone the VM. I couldn’t find a way to force start the replicated VM.