xcp-NG cluster SR with Dell PowerVault MD3200i

Hi all,

After many weeks of struggling, I finally managed to get my XCP-ng servers to see the storage of my Dell PowerVault M3200i…

Here is my current question.
I created an xcp-NG pool made of 3 hosts and I have now trying to create the storage in the Dell Powervault MD3200i (iSCSI).

The way the Dell MD3200i work, is that you need to associate the ‘Host Port Identifiers’ to a host.
Basically a ‘Host Port Identifiers’ is the network connection associated to the xcp-NG host.

As I have 3 hosts, the Md3200i, see 3 ‘Host Port Identifiers’.

My question is this:

  • Do I define 1x group and add 3 hosts in the group
  • Do I create 1 host and assign all the ‘Host Port Identifiers’ to that 1 host?
    I can then assign the disk either the host or the group.

I am asking because all 3 servers will be part of 1 cluster and xcp-NG see it as 1x pool…So I wondered if the same applies for the storage.

If I am not clear, please ask for clarification

Thank you all in advance

Once you have XCP-NG configured in a cluster, you would connect them to the iSCSI target on the Dell via the add storage option and that should connect all of them at once. The PowerVault will then see a connecting coming from each server in the cluster, but XCP-NG will show them as one storage.

can you please show us how you did that “get my XCP-ng servers to see the storage of my Dell PowerVault M3200i…”

@SSafwat, Can you please tell me your setup and more info as to what you need?
Like I said in the first post, you assign your xcp-NG hos to to the ‘Host Port Identifiers’ in the Dell powerVault.

Is your PowerVault aleary configured or a blank canvas?
Here is how mine was done.
I didn’t set raid level but choose dynamic pool (latest version of the firmware only).
I have 3 xcp-NG hosts so 3 x ‘Host Port Identifiers’ .
In the powerVault, I created 1x group and in my group, I added my 3 hosts and set the correct ‘Host Port Identifiers’. I assigned the disk to the group, not the hosts
I struggle to understand what the 'Host Port Identifiers’ was at first. in shrot explanation, it is your host iSCSI IQN. if you use xcp-ng centre, this can be found in the genarl tab.
here is a screenshot

Then, in xcp-NG, you add the storage and choose iSCSI and follow the wizard.

I am happy to assist you more but please provide more info on your problem.

BTW, make sure the host and ping the storage first. This was my first mistake