XCP-NG, cant access with my server remotely suddenly

Hi team! I recently moved my dell R-710 to a new location in my house. I set it all up and for some reason I cannot access it over my network.

I did an emergency network reset
its getting an IP address
I can ping it
I can SHH into
but there is no web interface and it wont let XCPNG center connect to it.

When I try to connect with XCPNG center I get “connection refused”

anyone have any idea what I can check?

Make sure you are able to ping the management interface, not just other IP addresses assigned to it. You can see what adapter and IP the management interface is on the console.

I am able to ping the management interface.

I was told this was the log I needed to check. I am seeing network errors on it but I am not sure what exactly it means and what I should do to fix it.