XCP-NG Build for Managed Client

Hi all

I am looking to build my first Customer based XCP-NG solution. I run it in house on my servers backed by FreeNAS.

My client, however, will have only local storage on some large Enterprise SSD’s. Backups through Xen Orchestra will be to local NAS and a direct USB Hard Drive.

The client will have one Server 2019 VM running for AD. I can’t make my mind up yet how I want to do the file share for the business. I could pass the local Disks through to the Server 2019 VM - File share is around 2TB in size.

How have you handled that and how many SCP-NG servers have you got out int he wild at managed clients?

I would create a dedicated volume just for files and pass that to the VM. Then create a share from the Windows server for the clients. This is helpful since you can do snapshots of the files separately from the OS of the server.

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