XCP-NG borked config

I made some changes to the network using XO but something seemed to go wrong. Not a mis-configuration, but some sort of error within XCP-NG.

In XO said there was an error creating the pool network, but then it showed up in XCP-center/

Following a reboot XCP-NG became inaccessible via XO and XCP-NG Centre as well as getting errors on the console.

“Error: Connection refused (calling connect )”

I can SSH in to it but for most commands I get the above error.

I can restart the tool stack successfully.

When I’m on the machine itself using the console it sort of works but I get various errors and info doesn’t show correctly.

I tried an emergency network reset without success.

i’m wondering if I need to go in to the config files and take a look and perhaps manually undo the pool network, but have no idea how to do this or if there is a repair process?

If you are not sure what you did to cause the issue restore the pool metadata from your last backup.

Yeah, I’d already lost too much time so I decided to do that. I was hoping there might be a quick config edit I could do. I had to reinstall on both pool nodes. the console wasnt playing,

It was an internal private network so I dont think it was a config issue and the console was semi-borked too. interestingly I’ve seen a few other posts online where people said they created a network and it didnt show in XO but did show in XCP-centre. I suspect when I then tried to edit it in XCP-centre, something got out of whack. I will just stick to XO!