XCP-NG Boot recovery [resolved]

So this is just a home lab server, but I had a UPS fail this morning on a dell server running xcp-ng. I replaced the UPS and booted up the machine, but I’m getting a boot loop failure on the machine. The server is installed on a local six-disk raid and all drives are healthy according to the iDRAC and raid utility, but I’m still guessing the boot partition got corrupted.

Here’s the message I’m seeing on boot:

I’m creating an installer usb disk to see if there are recovery options built-in, but any other ideas?

TLDR - server was in the wrong boot mode (BIOS vs. UEFI)

The server is a dell R620.

I evidently originally installed xcp-ng in UEFI boot mode after setting the boot mode to UEFI using the F12 boot option (one-time boot). However, the normal boot mode was BIOS.

Since I haven’t rebooted the server in 6 months, I never caught the issue, and only after trying to do an upgrade with a usb drive, did I get the following message:

This clued me in and I changed the permanent boot mode (F2) to UEFI and did a reboot.

Everything is working flawlessly. Hopefully, it’s another 6 months (or longer) before this thing is rebooted.

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