XCP-NG boot errors

after much dicking around, I finished my XCP-NG install and got it to boot i forgot a couple things so i think i’ll have to redo it but i thought before i did that i would ask a question or 2 about the errors i am getting and a couple of the strange things that have happened.


efi: EFI_MEMMAP is not enabled.
esrt: ESRT header is not in the memory map.
mce: unable to init device /dev/mcelog
systemd[1]: failed to insert module ‘autofs4’

are these errors causing any problems that i might not be able to see?

the machine boots and I can connect to it with xcp-ng center but for whatever reason, port 3 on the back in registering as port 0 and i can’t seem to get it to see the rest of the nic but that’s a small inconvenience that only might cause some dismay if I wanted to bond all 4 ports or something silly lol.

the machine is a dell r610, 12 x 4GB PC3-10600, 2x xeon x5650, Broadcom NIC

I have had similar errors and never noticed any issues in the ~half a year that I spent using that install but it would be good to have a solution.

I don’t think the bottom to matter at all but the top 2 made me curious. i did fix my nic issue… turns out it’s 2 nics on the board just looks like 1

Has anyone managed to get this fixed?
I’ve got the same issue and its taking ages to boot up.

No body know yet how fix this?