XCP-NG - Bond Connections

Compared to the old way of bonding connections in Xen Server, is there an easier way to bond connections in XCP-NG 7.6 or 8.0?

I’ve got a 2 Port Card for redundant management connections.
I’ve got a 4 Port Card ethernet for backup network connections (4x 1GB)
I’ve also got a 4 Port Card for failover, (4x 10GB Fiber)
Then I’ve got 4 Port Fibrechannel for our main interfacing (4x 40GB)

I want to bond just the following; the 2 port card, and the 4 port card ethernet
In the old Xen server, it used to be a lot of command line. Is it still the same way in XCP-NG, I’ve also got Xen Orchestra installed.

Hello Schmarvin, I’ve got 4 port 1 gig card and 4 port 10 gig (2 cards) on my XCPng install. All the same speed interfaces are bonded, zero command line was used. XCPng Center has worked really well to set them up, on the other hand, I didn’t have much luck with XO in this regard.

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