XCP-NG Big Picture

Thanks to the excellent video I have installed XCP-NG on a DL380 but…

Where do I install XO?

There are lots of videos showing the build script but they all seem to start from having a running VM

It’s a chicken and egg situation!

How to I make the VM to install XO which will allow me to make a VM?!

Sorry if I am being particularly dull!

If you don’t have a VM at all installed then their XOA version and use that to build your first VM.

OK, thank you.

Can you then switch to that and ditch the Quick Deploy VM?

XCP-ng Center (on your desk/laptop) is another option for building your first VM.

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Yes, create the new VM and delete the QuickDeploy.

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Or type this into a command line on an XCP-NG Host and it will download and install the open source version that you can run.

Cheers Greg, another solid answer.

I was just struggling to see the big picture:

  1. Install XCP-NG on hardware
  2. Quick Deploy the XOA on the new install
  3. Use the Quick Deployed XOA to make a VM on the new install
  4. Use the Git script to install XOA on the new VM
  5. Delete the Quick Deployed XOA VM
  6. Sit back and enjoy!

Thanks to all, she’s up and running :slight_smile:

I wish the supported XOA was a little cheaper, there are a few features I’d like to have but when I priced it out it would kill my budget at work. If I could get an educational discount for small networks down to like $1000 a year, I’d be able to swing that.