XCP-NG backups to TrueNAS with dynamically attached volumes


I’m using XCP-NG to run a Kubernetes cluster, and was considering TrueNAS as a place to store the snapshot backups.

It looks like when you setup the snapshot backups and select a VM, it will look at all of the volumes that are attached.

However for those unfamiliar, in Kubernetes you can setup a CSI driver, which is basically a way for a container to request a volume be attached to it from the host.

For example you could create a MySQL container and it would talk to Xen Orchestra and create the volume and attach it to the VM that the container is running in.

I’m struggling to think of whether this setup will work right with the “incremental” snapshot backup approach because a volume could be unattached from one VM and attached to the other if the Kubernetes orchestration decides on a whim that it wants to move a container to another VM. Not sure what would happen on a restore.

Wondering if anyone has run into a similar situation or has any suggestions.


I am not a Kubernetes user but wouldn’t it be better to simply mount the TrueNAS a persistent volume for storage and have the ZFS snapshots along with ZFS replication for a backup?