XCP-ng backups (Replication from XCP-NG VS Truenas ZFS Replication)

Hello Everyone,

I’m using XCP-ng with several VM’s, and i’m wondering how to perform remote backups over VPN.
The upload is slow, so i can’t afford to send full backups, send only incremental.

The VM’s storage is a local Truenas Core over 10GB ethernet using NFS Share. The remote location over VPN, also has a Truenas server. So the options now are 2, use the continuous replication backup method on XOA interface having as a remote the remote Truenas, OR use Truenas ZFS replication from local VM’s storage dataset, over VPN to the disaster backup dataset on the remote Truenas Server.

Are those two options same in theory ? can i have some comments please on that, what you suggest, what to try and what maybe is better / preferable ? Thanks.

I would (because it’s how we do it now) do the backup to the TrueNAS and then use ZFS replication inside of TrueNAS to send the changes over to the other server. ZFS Replication works at the block level and is very efficient as it’s only sending over the changes.

Hello Mr. Tom,

following your suggestion: If the backup is full type, i still have the issue of upload speed because the new snapshot will be the size of the new created backup.

if the backup type is condinous replication from XOA (to a dataset on TrueNAS that will be the source) , this has to be transfered with ZFS replication to the target dataset.

Does this will do only the changes ?
Do i need also the metadata of XCP-ng to be recoverable backup ?

You can’t use continuous replication to a dataset / share, you would use delta backups which are only the changes.