XCP-NG Backup to External HD

Hi there!

I’ve setup an XCP-NG box for testing in my home lab. So far I’ve got everything I need up and running, so now I’m turning to the back up so I can make sure it stays that way.

I have a 1TB external USB hard drive that I would like to use as the backup destination. However, I cannot, for the life of me, get Xen Orchestra to backup the VMs to it. It’s even a hassle to get XO to even see the drive properly.

When I SSH to the XCP-NG console I can see the drive when I run fdisk -l. I can even correctly mount the drive and write data to it. From XO I added the drive under Settings->Remotes as a local disk at the point where I mounted it. XO does seem to register the drive, but for some reason it sees it as a 16GB disk.

Running df -h on XCP-NG I see the drive located at /dev/sdc1 (which matches fdisk) mounted on /mnt/xcp_BU and it’s 917GB with 871GB available. (I’m admittedly confused about that disparity as well since there’s no files located in the mount point, so I’m not sure what’s taking up 46GB.)

However, this is what XO sees:

The mount point is correct, but all XO sees is 16GB.

Am I adding this drive in the correct place in XO? In XCP-NG? I feel like maybe I’m missing a step.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Please, also, let me know if there’s any additional information I can provide.


It would probably be better to use USB pass through and attach the drive to XO

Hi Tom!

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the backup to work within XO either. I ended up just attaching the drive to another computer and shared it on my network and XCP-NG is backing up now!