XCP-NG and Xen Orchestra

after installing XCP-ng on bare metal. Where are you usually install your debian/Xen Orchestra ? On the VM created on same XCP-ng ? if yes what is the process since xen orchestra is not on it.

build it in a VM. I have a tutorial here https://youtu.be/lf_tNVomBcE

Thank you Tom. Yes. I watched that video. But you have a Debian vm instance on already installed xen orchestra.
My question is after you install xcp-ng on bare metal. What is your method to install the Debian vm instance right after vanilla xcp-ng installation. Once Debian vm is on xcp-ng then I can follow the process shown in your video.

Attach a storage repository with the Debian or what ever other ISO download you want on the system, then create a VM from that.

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You will need to use xcp-ng center, which for some reason is a pain to find the download for. Here is a link to the Github page to download the msi.

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Or after installing, you can browse to the local IP address of your XCP-NG server and download the XCP-ng Center.

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What functionality where

  1. XOCE can do and XCP-ng Center cannot do?


  1. XOCE cannot do and XCP-ng Center can do?

Tom talks about the difference between Xen Center and XO/XOA(Xen Orchestra/Xen Orchestra Appliance). XO is probably more fully featured however I will admit Xen Center sometimes presents information to the user in a more intuitive way. Perhaps its just unfamiliarity but Xen Center a little easier to work with during setup.

For setting up your VM, I would download an iso. You could attach a storage repository, or you could have the appropriate ISO on a USB stick, or if you know the wget address, it would be possible to probably download the ISO directly (although I’m sure this is discouraged since you don’t want to mess up the xcp-ng base installation). I have a FreeNAS system so I connected a directory as an NFS share for storage repository – a lot of different ways to skin the cat.

In terms of compiling XOA from source (which I would recommend), I use the jarli installation and updater scripts which can be found on github. I’m aware Tom may use a different method or script however I believe they get you to the same place in the end. It’s pretty easy to setup XOA. Mine is installed on an Ubuntu VM running inside XCP-ng. It’s a pretty easy setup.

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