XCP-NG and Supermicro SuperDOM storage?

Does anyone know if XCP-NG supports the Supermicro SuperDOM storage? Money fell from the trees and I’m able to order new servers and what I’m looking at offers dual SuperDOM ports which would give me mirrored boot drives for XCP-NG and that might be nice.

Alternative is a 2.5 dual hot swap drive kit for the system drives.

This will be for a production system running mostly Windows Server VM’s and very likely running things in HA. Probably going to do a clean sheet install and configure everything from scratch on the domain controllers, I’m carrying too much legacy junk already. So I’ll probably start with Server 2022 if that matters, I have some evals of this running on my old lab system.

And yes I’m going to fit a TPM2 module to each server, just in case I need it down the road.

The harder part is going to be wedging paid XO version and maybe XOSAN into the build, might need to come down the road a little. Would be nice to not need a Truenas to hold the VM’s, though I have at least one I can use.

Should work but XCP-NG writes DOM0 logs to the boot/OS device so make sure whatever you use as the boot/OS device can handle write durability.

OK, think I’ll go with the hotswap 2.5 inch options that replace the front USB and optical drive, easier to replace. Working up that spec. list now and getting a quote. Going to be a Supermicro X12 system with 10 core scalable Xeon and 128GB of RAM, starting small for now. Only need a handful of Windows Server and maybe a few other machines so should be fine as long as I don’t need to stack up too many VMs on a single host.