XCP-ng and network virtualization help

Hi Lawrence et al.

I’m currently in the process of creating a test lab environment based on a 3 node XCP-ng cluster with Xen Orchestra from Sources and FreeNAS providing NFS storage.

All the fundamentals are in place, but the one sticking point at the moment is VM network provisioning.

The purpose of the cluster is to give around 15 of my team the ability to spin up bunches of Windows VMs. Each person can have up to around 10 different networks. The networks can’t overlap or broadcast across other networks. The networks need outbound connectivity to the internet.

I used to do this in SCVMM and Hyper-V using Network Virtualization. There was no need to create multiple VLAN interfaces on pfSense on mulitple networks on the hypervisor.

Is there a similar method available in XCP-ng/XO? Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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I always setup native networks and VLANs so I am not sure if there is a better way. Might want to try their forums Home | XCP-ng forum

Here is their network documentation Networking | XCP-ng documentation

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