XCP-NG 8.0 Local Disk


Having seen the video done about XCP-NG i feel that this would be an ideal setup for my needs compared to Proxmox that I have been considering. Now i am only a home user but I do use VM’s and have been doing for around 8 months and built my own Xeon server running open media vault. This has and does work very well its just the VM setup using Virtual Box isn’t flexible enough. I have installed XCP-NG but I cant for some reason add the additional WD Black drives i have in the system. one is a single 2TB Ext4 and the other 3 are set in Raid 5. Is there a relative easy way to add the drives after install of XCP-NG I can see the drives in the console using fdisk -l but dont know how to add without loosing any data.

Sorry if the explanation of the question is a bit long just thought bit of background would help.



With 8 you can use ZFS to raid the disk and then they can easily added via Zen Orchestra

I discuss it in this video

You should probably also know that RAID 5 on spinners greater than 1TB in size is considered bad practice now. The rebuild time of a drive that large means that it’s likely you’ll lose a second drive (and all your data) before the rebuild completes. If it’s a home lab with data you don’t care about/have backed up, go for it. In production, bad idea.