XCP-NG 2.5GB NIC stuck on 1GB

Hey guys,

Transfered all my VMs from Proxmox over to XCPNG (my home, cloud cluster and office) and everything is working brilliantly

However both the 2.5GB nic on my motherboard and the 2.5GB pcie card are only being seen as 1GB cards
These both displayed as 2.5GB in proxmox and I’m trying to figure out if this is a driver issue or if there is a way I can force these cards into 2.5GB


There is not a way to force them, but XCP-ng 8.3 seems to work fine with the Intel 2.5G cards, not so sure about the Realtek ones.

Thats good to know - so if i want to get this 2.5gb back i might just look into an intel card

Yes, get yourself an intel card.

Look on ebay, lots of cheap ones

So it appears its got a I225-V NIC in it - still lost on this one as it is an intel card. I’ve tried using the testing repository as well which did update but still no luck on it