X520 DA2 with truenas

Is this dual port card from 10Gtek compatible with latest truenas scale release ?

The X520DA2 is Intel based and should work fine.

If it is really an Intel DA520 it should be OK, I have a few of the Intel branded versions (single port) running in three different Truenas.

How has been your experience with 10g tek cards ?

Mine are real Intel and they have been decent. Both DAC and random SR Multimode modules have been working. If I had the money, I’d replace them with newer cards, support is getting to be out on the last few years, these are old cards. But I do have a bunch of other 10Gtek parts in use, and they always seem to work at a good price point so probably worth a shot.

The newest servers that I bought came with Supermicro 10gbps cards, those do seem to work better since they are a newer chipset. I’d have to look to tell you which chip, but newer is working better, at least with XCP-NG. But for the moment, I have the X520 in my Truenas production and an older something or other card in the Truenas on my lab system. The only thing I can add is that I did have a broadcom card, and that did give me some problems, it was probably more than 10 years old so I’d hope they would have fixed the issues on newer cards.