X2GO: Linux Remote Desktop & Terminal Server System With Support For


This is Awesome.

When I was working at a local College we looked into this and went with LTSP, which was ok but it was buggy and just wouldnt do what we wanted it to. It certainly wasnt as slick as this. Perhaps X2go was not as good back then, 10 years or more ago. I may spin this up as I have many a use case for it. Thanks Tom.

Awesome video and good news that we have more choices to x11vnc

However, to me the main con is that it seems like there is no iOS client available.

Could you use VNC? There may be an iOS app for VNC

VNC has all clients including iOS

but set up with ssh.

ssh is very attractive, but I use vnc only internally or via vpn

Even so, set it up to use an SSH tunnel. In x11vnc, just add “-localhost” to the command line arguments.

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Does anyone got X2Go working with KDE5 Plasma as the Client Envoirment and use the “connection to local desktop”?
It seems to be very buggy/laggy.
Same with VNC

I would like to use X2go to remotely access windows and linux OS. Do I need to install server and client on each OS

or just 1 server and a client on each OS and connect each one to the server?

Your second statement is correct.

Have one server (or as many as you like) use the X2go client to connect to those servers on which ever platform you choose.

I tried to get this working I can make a successful connection to my remote machine but as soon as the connection is made it immediately disconnects without loading the desktop am I missing something?

Remote system : Ubuntu 18.04 installed x2goserver and the xsession plugin for x2go

Client : windows 10 pro installed client entered up info login credentials and tried to connect with no additional options then the defaults

Make sure you are choosing a desktop enviroment that is available on the Ubuntu machine.

I chose gnome which is installed by ubuntu by default last I checked unless.they switched to a different desktop environment by default

HI, I tried to do the same thing you did on the video and when I’m connecting…X2Go Client terminate the session automatically. I can connect to local desktop though. What I’m doing wrong? I can make it work with ubuntu server and linux mint mate but its not working with POP OS 18.04 :frowning:

Install and use the Mate Desktop, Gnome does not work as well with X2GO.