X2GO issues testing on POP OS

Hello friends! I am moving over to Pop OS as my main OS soon. I wanted to set up a linux VM server and use X2GO to connect to all of my VMs.

I have the server installed on POP os to test and I am able to connect but I am having some problems.

I am connecting to it from a windows 10 PC and the remote connection is very grainy looking and I was hoping to get it crystal clear. I played with a few settings and haven’t had much luck.

also I can only get it to work in full screen mode. If I try to make the connection windowed, it will appear for a short second and then disappear but will say the connection is still live.

Does anyone have any guidance on how to solve this problem?

Did you install Gnome Flashback?" sudo apt-get install gnome-flashback

Gnome does not work properly with X2Go

I did install gnome flashback :frowning: