So i thought i might post some of the suff i have posted on other Forums.
This is work, i did to convert a Old WYSE WY60 ASCI to USB.
The reason to convert this keyboard is becuse it a nice one to type on.

So here the keyboard straight out of the box form the USA . No damage this time ( had a Motherboard Run over in the US, strangely the Ram and CPU still worked)

A bit grubby, nothing a bit of JIF and a microfibre cloth can’t fix.
As you can see it got an RJ11 conector not a DIN or PS2 (still think that might be a type of DIN conector, I might be wrong)

So I went into dissemble mode and started pulling a part the keyboard. just 4 screws on the back holding it together.
I cut the cable and soldered the wires to the Teensy uploaded the HEX file. Link to Soarer WYSEverter
my cable layout was
Black -> D0
Red -> VCC
Green -> D1
Yellow -> GND

I verified that it worked, so next step was to give the keyboard a bit of a clean.
Popped all the key caps off in to a bucket of warm water and found this around the switches. looks like someone spilled coffee or coke on it, but is fine.

But ended up like this after a but of cleaning with paint brush and cloth

I also individually cleaned each key with some JIF and they came up quite nice and it also removed the marks of the casing.

after this was all done. i decided to hot glue the Teensy to the board and us the existing cable strain (required a bit if careful cutting) to run the USB cable though it



Very cool! Its always nice when you can keep tech that you like to work with and give it another life.


awesome job on the mod


Great idea and clean execution. Well done!


Very nice work!



Love seeing this type of stuff, very very cool man.