Worth updating wifi AP's just to get WPA3?

I currently have 2 “wifi 5” ubiquiti APs w/ WPA2 on my pfsense/ubiqiti network. is it worth updating my AP’s just to get WPA3 capability? home user. all my servers in my rack and my desktops around the house are wired… mostly just use wifi for smart home devices, alarm, and phones.

Is it worth paying for the update, or still more important to just have a strong wifi password and maybe put the wifi on vlans that don’t have access where not needed? My understanding is that WPA3 is still subject to deauth attacks, but that’s about all I know about WPA3 vs 2.

I see no reason to upgrade just for WPA3 vs WPA2. Wait until you need wifi 6 or wifi 7.

I say it depends on who you are.

If you are a nerd that loves the latest and greatest… then you have the answer there. :wink:

But my real answer is… always do a threat assessment…
Questions to ask yourself…who are you, what kind of work do you do, what kind of neighbors do you have within wifi range.
It is always good practice to isolate a wifi if you dont need access to everything from wifi devices.

What makes you think you have to upgrade to new hardware to be able to use WPA3? I have a UAP AC Lite and it supports WPA3. Should just be a matter of updating the firmware.

Also, if all of your devices do not support WPA3 then you still need WPA2 as well. Sounds like current firmware supports it regardless. I have Gan 6 but obviously use WPA2 as well as being 109% device compliant for home use is tough to do.

ok fair enough. I have the AC Mesh APs, which still show on the ui.com website as WPA2 max, but as mentioned not all devices are going to support WPA3 anyway… so have to leave WPA2 on regardless. Thanks everyone.