Wondering why I'm able to upgrade to plus, or this is just an advertising

Hi there,
I used plus in the past with the free LAB license. Then Netgate has changed the license model and get rid of the free plus license, so I have reinstalled my system (with full format) with CE version.

Few days ago I have upgraded to the latest CE version and now I see this in the dashboard:

I’m a bit confused, can I use plus for free? Or not?

I have Protecli Vault (https://eu.protectli.com/product/fw6b/)

The pfSense+ license is tied to the hardware via the Netgate ID. If you previously upgraded or bought second hand from someone who upgraded, it will continue to offer an upgrade.

Netage did not invalidate the old free home licenses nor did they make a statement if they will.

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Aha, so technically I’m still plus user.

Anyway with all of this uncertainty I prefer to stay CE.

Thanks for the replys.