Wiring PoE/split?

Hello and thanks for your help.

I’ve got a unifi poe switch in Building A going out to Buildings B and C. Blds B & C each have a uap-pro, not the AC so it uses 24v passive. The red cable between A and B was severed so I put an unmanaged switched in Bld B and broke out to PoE injectors, it all works fine.

My problem is that those PoE are not on surge or UPS and with Florida weather I’m worried I’d have to power cycle those APs often. I say this because before I installed a UPS for Bld A switch I was power cycling those APs couple times a week. This is time of year when we get thunderstorms half the day pretty much every day. So far I have not had to power cycle because those Ubiquiti PoE injectors seem to hold a nice charge for several seconds.
That Bld A switch serves several other buildings over PoE under a nice clean AVR UPS and all is good but I lost that for those 2 builds. I’m guessing breaking out 1 24v line to 2 isn’t feasable or safe? Any other ideas? I know I can start digging a new line and adding 2 more UPSs is too much $$ at the moment. Am I being too anal? I just know in this area that without a battery or voltage regulation I have replaced so many PSUs and switches (yes they are all on surge protectors).

I know my Paint 3D graphic is amazing :stuck_out_tongue:



First of all, I should say that with building to building connections, fiber should be your first choice since then you don’t have to worry about lightening, ground differentials, etc. With that out of the way, have you checked out the Ubiquiti ETH-SP-G2? It’s an ethernet surge protector. Most of their stuff has ESD protection, but they recommend this for third party gear or perhaps an application like yours.

After reading your question a couple times, I think putting a UAP-AC-Pro in site B would be your best bet. The UAP-AC-Pro has ethernet passthrough so it would make for a clean install. You could power it from the Site A that has clean power, and then maybe only Site C would need to be bounced. You could also put in a Unifi Switch in site B so that you could power cycle individual ports if you had to, but that’s not really fixing the problem, only saving you a trip to bounce it. A cheap UPS would probably be better in the long run for actually addressing the real issue.


Thank you, all great suggestions. I think I will move the Site C injector to B and install a cheap UPS like you said.

Im here in florida as well prepping for the Hurricane