Wireguard Tunnel <—> Internal IP Address

Good evening,

I recently purchased a set of 3 Public IP addresses from a known reputable IT consultant in my area, each of which will be set up as a separate Wireguard tunnel to my OPNsense router. I’d like to assign 2 of my internal virtual machines to one of these IP addresses each as they will be hosting my personal and business websites, which means I’d prefer that all traffic in and out of those boxes be routed via those tunnels so I can use the public IP addresses assigned to them without having to use something like HA-proxy. My only problem is that I don’t know how to do this within OPNsense as I’m fairly new to the platform.

If someone could please link me to a resource that walks a user through the steps to do this, or would be able to list the steps for me, that would be appreciated. Thanks!