Wireguard Sites + Warrior access for all remote sites

Hello everyone and i wish health and careful from pandemic.

I have a central site with static public ip, that accept 3 wireguard tunnels from remote sites with dynamic ip. everything is working ok with the tunnels and traffic following Mr. Tom’s video. So: central

Site 1: tunnel
Site 2: tunnel
Site 3: tunnel

Now i’m setting up a warrior wireguard for remote access on central.
Since remote sites has dynamic ip, i can’t setup wireguard directly on them.
Is there any way to access all 4 networks from a laptop by connecting remotely to central ?

As long as the rules allow it, you should be able to connect to the central site and tunnel back to the other sites.

How I can try this ? Is through the firewall rules of each interface or static routing ?
Thank you.

You set up the routing in each WG interface, then the rules for each.

Hello Mr. Tom,

I did test both Wireguard and OpenVPN road warrior and can access all remote sites.
I used this video:

But, i can’t PING the pfsense interface on remote sites (for example, although i can access from browser. This happens with both warrior setups, OpenVPN and Wireguard.
What can be the issue ?

Find it. In allowed IP’s of each site peer, i had to add the tunnel IP of the road warrior peer.

I saw the routing table in diagnostics → routes in order to realize.
Mr. Tom, we need more troubleshooting videos :slight_smile: Thank you.