Wireguard routing inconsistencies over LTE

The title is a little misleading, but it gets the general gist of my current set of issues.

I’ve got quite a few wireguard VPN options(mostly to various client offices), and for the most part, it’s been rock-solid. I’ve also got oVPN options with each of these clients, as wireguard has only been a recent addition.

Despite the solid performance on any lan/wifi connection, I’ve run into an issue that I’ve not figured out even how to troubleshoot – much less fix.

These connections work great (both WG and oVPN) when I’m on wifi from any DSL or fiber connection. However, if I try to connect via any type of cellular hotspot (android/iOS/etc) on various networks (verizon, t-mobile), I run into an issue where I can successfully connect and ping the target computers, but web-based interfaces (http/https) fail to connect.

My oVPN connections work perfectly through these cell hotspots.

All of the hotspots I’ve been using are configured for IPv4. I’m stumped.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this? Has anyone else had similar problems?

  • Try enabling ipv6, it can be used over lte networks
  • try lowering the mtu size and test connections
  • check if your mobile carrier is allowing udp

Hope this helps