Wireguard Interface IP address

I want to setup what I’ll call a wireguard “remote access server”, this will need an interface.

My query is when I configure the interface I need to add an IP address what should this be ? If say my tunnel IP is, do I add the same ( or should I add or something outside of this address range say ?

I believe if I do it this way, there will be a separate rules section which I can configure as I wish, rather than having a single Wireguard rules for all tunnels I setup. My goal is to have two Wireguard tunnels with one exiting my ISP WAN and the other my VPN WAN.

Or basically how is the interface assignments configured ?

Use the same address. The “Interface Addresses” input on the tunnel settings page is disregarded once you assign an interface to the tunnel, only the addresses specified on the interface settings page are relevant in that case.

Ok thanks for confirming, I’m doing this in theory first before I start configuring this in pfSense. Quite a few areas I don’t totally understand and hate just clicking hoping it works :grinning: