Wireguard - how to reach connected site-to-site LAN over Remote Access

Hi there,

I have 3 working site-to-site tunnels (wireguard, no NAT)
I have working Remote Access (wireguard, split or full tunnel working)

I would like to reach the connected sites via my remote access, full tunnel,


alternativly, I would like to combine a split tunnel and a full tunnel (for the internet access) in one remote connection.

I already tried different things, like adding additional outbound rules and adding firewall rules to the wireguard interface choosing the right gateway on destination subnet.

No success yet. What am I missing?

Thanks, Sebastian

This may help

FIX: PFSense remote wireguard vpn clients access to wireguard site to site vpn - Jarrod’s Tech (jarrodstech.net)

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