WireGuard Android App - Data freezing when hopping from 4/5G to home wifi

I’m trying to solve a niggly little problem with my WireGuard setup.

I have WG setup on my bare-metal pfSense box, CE 2.7.2. I route all my Android phone traffic through my locally hosted WG pfSense which ensures if I am on unsecured wifi then I am safe, and when on 4/5G data I can access my homeassistant and Jellyfin etc. I have the Android phone on a ‘always-on VPN’ so I don’t forget to turn it on. I also have the ‘kill-switch’ tick box enabled on the Android WG app.

I’ve noticed that when I come home from work and my phone automatically connects to my home WiFi my data freezes until I toggle WG at which point traffic starts to flow again.

Does anyone see this behaviour? It may be something I have configured incorrectly.