Windows wants to link my cell phone

For some time now, I’ve noticed that during installation, windows wants to link to a cellphone. This is different from the authentication scheme…I think. It seems like it brings more integration with messaging like apple stuff. Can you do something on this?

I fix problems on Windows computers, but I almost never use Windows myself, no not likely.

Welcome to Microsoft circa 2019. Win10 installations prefer you use a global M$ login and, like Google et al, suggest you add a cell phone for “recovery purposes”, among other ‘integrations’. Keep in mind, Microsoft wants to be a Service company like Google/Amazon/Apple, therefor they want your soul. imho of course.

A service company, with access to all your files, is akin to credit agencies owning your information, then letting hackers steal it all while they shrug their shoulders. :roll_eyes:

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Thanks. Was wondering if it is more than 1) the obvious data grab or 2) a convenient and effective way to do things like reset your password or authenticate. Specifically, I’m wonder if there is more integration between the devices like mac and iphones have.

These are windows 10 pro installations in a business environment and I’m hoping someone who actually did it can speak about their experience. Again, thanks for the response.

I think both your points are correct. It’s both a grab and convenience.

As for comparing it to Mac/iPhones, do you trust Microsoft as equally as Apple? As that’s the real question you have to ask yourself.

I don’t think you’ll find many, if any, that run Win10 in that situation on the daily here, especially using a microsoft id/live account.

I know I’ve set up Win10 Pro installs and not had to enter any phone info. Perhaps as per the below link, you’re using a outdated/poor build of windows, considering that build is from 2017.

Thanks is all I’ll add.