Windows Server User Profile Disks bottleneck. Help

Hello everyone,

I need some advice for a setup solution.
Windows Server 2016 with one SSD as boot drive and two hard drives in mirroring setup as E:\ drive.
RDP User profile Disks are under E:\profiles.
When I put some Microsoft Access tables to C: drive, i am only getting the performance of those hard drives. I am wrong to assume that User Profile Disks located on E: is the bottleneck here?
I cant tell why or how it just seems that everything is going through E: drive even when data is on C:.
The hard drives and SSD are healthy.
Checked them using different OS.
Also the performance of the SSD is fine when doing queries from a local computer.
Only when in remote session, everything is slow, like hard drive slow not extremely slow.
If thats the case, would installing SSDs instead of hard drives help with the performance?
Installing a SSD and cloning data to it along with user profile disks.

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Is it possible to be a network issue?

Definitely not a network issue. I tested that and everything is fine. Also just an example, SQL server installed on C:\ drive (SSD) when i send query from my PC, everything is fine high. When doing that exact query while i am using RDP, then i get the performance of Hard Disk. Everything seems to be passing through that E:\profiles.