Windows Server Essentials on White Box Hardware

I’m researching options to install Windows Server Essentials 2022 on a server I’m planning to build based on a Supermicro motherboard. The main reason for wanting to build vs buy is I only have 14" depth to work with, and I’ve only been able to find that shallow using my own chassis. Sadly, it appears Microsoft has switched to only offering the license to OEMs. When I do a earch online, I find licenses known as ROK (Reseller Option Kit) from Dell and HP. Has anyone tried this on their own hardware or know if an option exists with Supermicro?

Last time I checked, Supermicro does not sell licenses.
CDW seems to show the reseller version with DVD disk Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Essentials Edition - media - 10 cores - P46172-DN1 - -

What are you doing with this? Or more directly do you really need Microsoft Server? As an alternate for simple domain controller and simple file shares, look at Zentyal either paid or development version.

Thanks Greg for that info. I was thinking it would be good option because it can license up to 25 users, I can use it as DC, File, Email, IIS, and it includes client licenses for Office. It’s a deal breaker though if it has to be tied to specific hardware. I reached out to CDW to ask about any restrictions since that listing looks to be HP branded. It’s not clear to me if Microsoft is only offering it for purchase through OEMs, or if it is actually hardware restricted. If I get a repsonse, I’ll post it here. Meanwhile, anyone else have experience?

Purchasing licenses is weird… You have to go through a partner of which HP and Dell are members. But that often doesn’t mean you have to run HP or Dell servers. Before we upgraded our contract I used to buy licenses through HP and DELL when I added servers, and I used to buy the CALs through them too. Now the CALs are gone (sort of) with the larger contracts. They seem to want to make licensing as hard as possible so that mere mortals can’t understand things. This leads to infractions and penalties when you have an audit. Just bad business in my opinion. This new process and core based license level on server products is just garbage, just another way to rake in more money from those places that need performance.