Windows Server ARP Behavior

Hello All,

I am working on an assignment and part of it asks me to research how ARP operates on current Windows Server. No specific Windows Server is specified, so I’m gonna ask about Server 2016 and 2019.

So far my googling has not resulted in any really useful information. Microsoft’s own documentation only mentions Windows Vista and server 2003.

So, what I am asking is if any of you fine gentlemen and ladies have any experience with Windows Server and ARP or know where would be a good place to find some more information about it.

Maybe I am not understanding the question but the ARP protocol should work the same on Windows as it does other platforms provided they followed the standards.

Yes Tom, this that would be the question that I am asking.

If Windows Server follows the standard ARP implementation that would answer my question. However, I have thus far been unable to confirm if does or does not follow the standard implementation.

So, I’m reaching out to see if anyone here knows this for a fact or, where I can go to confirm it.