Windows Server 2019 Unifi ac pro no internet

Hi guys.

Due to lockdown here in sunny scotland I decided to jump into the whole of home labs. I made a pfsense hardware box which i have up and running nicely now. Then a few days ago i purchased a domain and used the windows server 2019 eval edition on an old workstation. I have set up dns and dhcp in the server and am able to connect to the internet and resolve dns queries from other devices on the internal network. I have also set up the unifi controller as a service which starts on the server start up and am able to connect to the web interface fine. Now this is where things go a bit haywire. In order to adopt the aps i have to disconnect the server firewall. Once they are adopted and updated to the latest firmware i see thousands of alrts saying ( /usr/sbin/ntpclient exited with code 256 and restarted by inittab) no idea what these mean really. I can ssh into the ap and ping all devices on my network BUT i cant get out to the internet via the wifi. Im sure its just an option im not clicking or seeing but ive gone over it all and now i cant see the forest from the trees.

Has anybody had this problem or know what im doing wrong?

P.S I did change my pfsense box from localdomain to the new domain as i thought it would be better to have them on the same domain it didnt so i reset it back to pre messing around.



It appears to be an NTP server error, not something I have seen before but there is a forum post here about it