Windows Server 2019 on a desktop?


I am planning to install a Windows Server 2019 Active Directory and Domain Services on a desktop with consumer grade parts. Are there any disadvantage for this kind of approach? By the way I will be catering 50 users.

Specs of Desktop:
CPU: AMD A6-5400K
RAM: 8GB DDR3-1333
HDD: 500GB

Hope you can give me opinions on this.

Thanks in advance.

IMO it just comes down to costs … kit is pretty reliable these days if it’s a small business I don’t see any issue, just have a disaster recovery plan in place. Though personally I do like Lenovo build quality.

As long as you have a backup but that is regardless of hardware. IMO looks like it will be fine. Maybe see if you could get 2 desktops and do a primary and secondary DC setup this will prevent downtime and allow you to make any repairs to the desktops.

Refurbed servers are cheap enough. You should consider that as an option if this is going to serve a business w/50 users. You’d be surprised at what’s available.