Windows Printer Sharing

I have 2 Canon printers that are connected to the network via WiFi. I have a Windows 10 VM setup that has the Canon software installed so that I can use the scanner LCD screen to scan documents to the VM and then have them saved on my NAS through a Windows network drive. I did this as I found scanner support for Linux was very lacking when it came to scanning more than one single-sided page.

However, I am unable to get it so that the printers are shared on the Windows VM and then accessible to my Linux (PopOS) desktop. Ideally, I would like the printers to only communicate with the Windows VM and everything that wants to use the printers goes to the VM for access.

How do I go about setting up a printer on Linux that is a shared printer on Windows? I have tried many guides and ways and I always get asked for a password when adding the printer and then after that, it refused to accept ant print jobs. However, if I let my desktop connect to the printer directly over the network it prints fine.

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In Linux I never connect and share, I do all the printers as direct connect via IP address.