Windows media creation tool for Widnows Server 2016?

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Hey guys,

Is there a way to create a windows server 2016 iso like you can with Windows 10?

We migrated a server from azure clouds, and we need to downgrade a datacentre license to a standard license, we need re-run the setup, but it comes up with an error. I believe the packages versions installed don’t match up with the Microsoft iso, hence why we need to create our own.

Any help much appreciated.

Do a google search. There are tons of places you can find one. If you’re not sure about the source verify the hash before using it.

The process of creating an ISO is the same from Windows 10 and 2016 / 2019. You can use oscdimg to create an ISO image or you can simply create a Windows PE image and then run setup.exe. Either ways will install the OS.

Not an answer to the question you asked but…

I changed a server from a downloaded evaluation version of 2016 to an OEM version of standard with a couple of power shell commands. Like a dick I didn’t make a note of the commands used (I’ve started a wiki with that sort of stuff now!) so I can’t help but it sounds like it might be a similar issue.

I had a valid 2016 key but it was the wrong version so would not activate, changed the version, rebooted, key activated.

An answer would to the question would be to find someone with an action pack subscription with software assurance and ask them nicely if they can give you a link to the ISO. I don’t have SA so only have access to the latest versions. You could also try looking for the 2016 evaluation version (I found it 12 months ago, might still be available) and see if that works.