Windows Domain / BYOD

I have a question for you guys,

Have a business that most staff are on a domain connected to 1 DC. Some other staff do not have their own company owned laptops but a need arises where they need to access some directories on their own personal laptops. With joining their own laptops to the domain, I know they can still access the server share by clicking on it and typing in a username and pass (that I’ll create for them).
What’s the best suggestion for each user to change their password? They will only be accessing the one share on their personal devices. Any idea appreciated! Oh, and they are not on exchange email.

They need to be part of the domain to change their password.

Depending on the OS of your server and what you have rolled out. If you have the Server Essentials feature running. You could setup uses and direct them to the web portal for RWW and they can change their respective passwords from that portal. If you really wanted to you could have your folks use the web portal for file access. This would all depend on what you have setup at the client environment & security policies you have setup.

They are on 2008 R2 Standard with a mix of Windows 7/10 clients. I think I may have found a workaround. They just told me they will need remote access via VPN. Upon testing what happens when a user with expired password attempts to connect via VPN connection it asks them to update password before connection is completed. So I think that might solve my problem :smiley: Thanks for the help!