Windows DHCP for LAN and PFsense or Unifi for WLAN DHCP

I may be overthinking I had a DHCP relay pointing to my windows DHCP server providing for whole home for a while when I migrated virtual host forgot about it and house didn’t work well. So I am trying to segment home and lab, lab is usually hardwired and everything else in the home is wireless.

So here is my thought:

Remove the DHCP relay from PFsense, provide a dhcp helper for everything not on the switch besides the Nano HD in which I would segment that to a different vlan all together. And that is where I get stuck shoudl I let Unifi handle the DHCP at that point or find a way for PFSense to do it.

Welcome to any suggestions on this. Windows DHCP is preferred for LAN because of applications I run ie Citrix in my lab

For non-windows networks I prefer to have pfsense handle DHCP.

Agreed my friend so basically no easy way to achieve my idea. Will weigh which one to do then thanks Tom!!

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On my network I use pihole as my primary network dhcp and the router dhcp for all my Vlans.
This was only done cause I didn’t feel like putting in all my static leases on the new router when I set it up.
It works great. If I am understanding all you want is a windows dhcp for one vlan. Seems like you could do it. I just don’t understand what a dhcp helper is vs a dhcp server. So maybe I am missing what you want to do.

Just separate my lab and home network. My lab needs Windows DHCP and I don’t want me rebooting and migrating vms to hinder the rest of the family. I will likely revert to pfsense handling dhcp and when testing a certain stack switch it.