Windows bloating after connecting to Truenas core NAS

I’ve had my diy truenas core nas running for a week. My win10 computer is sharing 4 folders. Yesterday, I got a disk full message on its boot drive(500 Gig rocket nvme). Only 64 GB are accounted for in folder properties. My browsers are crying uncle. Any tips or do I need larger drive.

I don’t understand how TrueNAS could be the cause of your Windows drive filling up.

I do not have this problem at work and my account has 6 mounted shares with occasional additions temporary mounts as needed. Something is wrong and I’d guess it is windows trying to sync all the files between shares and local. But that’s just a guess.

If you’re able, I would try using a program like WinDirStat to see what’s actually eating up your drive. If you do use WinDirStat, I do recommend running it as Administrator to be able to see all files as otherwise you may only see what files your user account has permission to see.

I truly don’t either, what makes you think this has anything to do with your TrueNAS? The timing of the issue?

These aren’t compatible statements - do you mean your Windows PC is accessing 4 shared folders from TrueNAS? Is your TrueNAS core box a separate physical machine? Assuming it’s not some kind of VM on your Windows PC, this is almost certainly coincidental and TrueNAS isn’t part of this equation.

Run WinDirstat or TreeSize to see what’s consuming space on your Windows machine.

It is a time thing. I ran windirstat and got the same results: 64 GB in folders, 396.7 GB unknown, and 5GB free. The free came from moving program files C: to D: . I lost use of computer for a day because it loaded but mouse and kb wouldn’t work. That was fixed in today’s boot but it started on Win10 finish install screen. I’m using the win7 backup onto a folder in my Truenas pool. I also had a pi-omv running. I have 3 mapped folders for the pi and 4 mapped folders for Truenas folders. All are smb shares. stopped and deleted the offline access data for the backup folder but it may be doing it for the othher folders but not showing them.

I would say that if you run WinDirStat as an administrator, you should be able to see what is going on.

If you are seeing “Unknown,” it could be permissions.

I found the blog article about this “unknown.”

Hope that helps.

If offline is enabled for the other folders, that would certainly be a problem, but you should also be able to see those files, not “unknown”.

What’s the file path for these? That would give you a hint as to what they’re for.

Windirstat will breakdown the storage used by folder, not just the file types

Do you have snapshots enabled on these folders? If so and there are lots of changes to the folder contents the snapshots could be filling up the drive.

I resolved the issue by getting a 1TB nvme drive. The problem I think is that I got part of Windows server installed when I installed some app that causes the computer to act as a dhcp server. I was following some advice for direct connection to my
truenas server.