Windows 11 - Taskbar not working

Hello all,

SO I’ve been having issues with some Windows 11 devices.

The taskbar reverts back to a windows 10 style but the Start menu button and the search bar do not work at all.

after trying all the google-fu I could I didn’t get anywhere.

I removed and reinstalled the updated’s that had been deployed.

I also had uninstalled some Dell software that had been install that night.

I went through the event logs and discover startdock.dll had failed.

After trying to rebuild all the normal SFC and DISM junk I haven’t been about the resolve this I even import the DLL from a working PC. (jank I know but)

I’m about to reinstall this problem PC tomorrow.

this is the 3 Laptops we have had this happened to all have been dell.

Has anyone else seen this? the other laptop we reset or rolled back to 10.

I don’t use Windows much but my staff does and we have been avoiding any WIndows 11 roll outs as it is so buggy.

We’ve rolled out Windows 11 to hundreds of Dell laptops without seeing this issue. The only issue we have seen is with a network driver, but I can’t blame Microsoft for Realtek’s poor drivers, an update fixed the issue. Have you checked the devices have been certified by Dell for Windows 11?

I’ll be seeing the device this afternoon so I will check that.