Windows 10 Wifi Certificate not Connecting

Strange issue. We have a single Windows 10 laptop that will not authenticate via its user certificate for our wifi. We use a Ubuntu server as our RADIUS Server. Confirmed the certificate will work on another PC. As it is user based it is stored in the current user My Store container in certmgr. No other win 10 devices are having issues. the device is able to connect to other networks just fine. We have already reset the wireless adapter, reinstalled the drivers and other troubleshooting steps. When you click on the network the network adapter shows attempting to authenticate but is unable to do so.

Any ideas what could be causing this to not authenticate and be stuck in this loop?

There are people reporting issues because of this:

Is it an older laptop that was upgraded to Windows 10?

I run NPS in my school, and I know I had a similar problem with a couple different models. I would even attempt a connection without installing certs etc… and when I would enter the username and password, it would attempt to connect and just loop back and ask for the username and password again.

While I did not change anything nor do I know the exact cause, I did put a Unifi AP (with only the 2.4 GHz band) in my office to improve performance and suddenly I was able to connect to the radius network just fine.

They work in other areas of the school that only have the HD access points (5GHz etc…), so again not sure what the problem was, but I would start by attempting a connection to an AP that only has 2.4 enabled and see if that gets you anywhere.