Windows 10 SSID/WPA3 issue

I have a vlan that I was testing with it configured to an SSID in unifi.controller. Android phone would connect and worked great but my windows 10 laptop gave white X next to SSID and some error about not being able to connect.

I change the SSD reboot the APs etc then I noticed it was set for WPA3 only. Once i set it WPA2/WPA3 it worked. I googled about it but all the guides just say reset the stuff and click on troubleshotting in windows. Which none helped so if anyone has this issue its probably because your PC is not compatible with the WPA version set.

It’s a widely known issue that Windows 10 on older laptops cannot connect to WPA3 only SSIDs. You might try installing updated drivers/firmware for your laptop WiFi hardware. Otherwise, leave WPA2/3 mixed enabled.

I am curious as to what platform you are using. Are you using ubiquiti or are you using some other SDN platform? Once I know this, I may be able to provide some insight. However, WPA3 is a new protocol and while in theory its not able to be used in practice that often. The reason being ans that a lot of your laptops do not have a wpa 3 capable NIC in them. If it does not, then you will need to get a wpa3 compatible NIC.

unifi i am using with pfsense.