Windows 10 related issue

Hi Everyone.

Im having a small issue. I have pretyt much have it narrowed down to something within windows.

Both LAN and LAN2 can access WAN with no issues. Both LAN and LAN2 can ping each other with no issues and this include the laptop and raspberry pi. Theres only on exeption. My server wont ping my Windows 10 computer. Im currently thinking my windows firewall is blocking IP’s from other networks since my laptop pings my windows pc with no issues.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on which windows firewall setting could be the culprit?

Heres a really quick draft of my setup.

First question is if your Windows PC can ping the laptop or RP and vice vesa. If the laptop can’t ping the Win10 system then I agree it is likely a firewall rule. You would just need to add a rule to the windows firewall profile to allow ICMP traffic.


sorry i hadnt specified. Yes the laptop can ping windows. so then im guessing i will look into allowing ICMP.
Thank you very much. Im guessing that windows isnt blocking only ICMP. I guess i will have to make new rules with each protocol i will want to connect with?

Many windows7/10 installs reject a ping as standard. Most of my clients reject this, but I can RDP into them without issue.

Can the Server ping the Linux laptop or the Pi? Also an easy test would be to just turn off the Windows 10 firewall and try to ping.

Yup the laptop did ping the windows machine. I did like FredFerrel suggested higher up and just added a rule to allow ICMP within windows and it solved my issue.

Thanks everyone for the help