Windows 10 Pro Frezes

Hi Everyone.

I have a machine that’s running Windows 10 Pro, Ryzen 5 3600x, 16GB RAM, 10G Network card HightPoint Raid card.

Using System as Surveillance Server.

For multiple reasons I cannot use Linux with might have been a better solution, but I could forget about that.

The problem is that every couple of week the system would become unresponsive, and I am trying to figure out the cause.

Can someone point me in to the director of where and how yo find the cause if instability.

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Which motherboard do you have? Brand and model.

Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming.

What application you are using for the Surveillance Server? We have some Win10 that just don’t work if it’s not updated.

DW Spectrum.

This is actually first time a ma having issue like tar.

I’d be trying to work out if it’s a software problem first. Does it have problems if you don’t run the DW Spectrum software?

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Well, i have to have it running.

Also it doesnt happen every day, it hapes randomly, about 2 weeks apart.

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For most manufacturers, and especially ASUS be sure your RAM modules are on the Qualified Vendor List - and I mean the exact model and configuration. ASUS has different QVL RAM lists for each compatible processor family for each motherboard. I’ve built and sold many hundreds of ASUS systems over a couple decades and, while earlier on this was much less of an issue, it has become of paramount importance for stability. It’s one of the reasons I started using Gigabyte, MSI, and ASRock in recent years, though I still stick to the QVL for RAM with all motherboards.

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I have had a similar problem, the ram/mainboard combo seemed to be the problem, and what fixed it was to change memory speed from auto to their advertised speed. The system has been stable since.

How often did you have it freeze?
The last time I had it happened, the system didn’t have a hard lock, meaning if I waited for 10 minutes things would respond, but then would have stop responding again

Could take one hour, could take 3 weeks…

I second this. Make sure the XMP profile is selected in the UEFI instead of just auto. XMP ram profiles are thoroughly stress tested for stability under the harshest scenarios for your specific ram.