Will it work: Unifi controller and hardware on separate networks

I’m a new owner of a pfsense router and just split up my network using VLANs. I run Unifi as a container and have a couple of Ubiquiti switches and access points. When my network was flat, everything was in the network and worked fine. What I’d like to do is to run the container on my lab network, which is I’m wondering if this will work? I’m not sure how Unifi and the hardware find each other but I’m guessing it is some sort of UDP broadcast. Has anyone done this before?


Sure it will, as long as it’s got a route there.

To be clear, I need to specify a firewall rule that allows UDP traffic from the hardware to the Unifi controller, correct?


I use an Omada controller for my AP, however, I have put the controller and the switches on the same management vlan, however, even if that wasn’t the case they would work if on different network segments.

These are the ports you need for the UniFI controller to work