Will an old router/wifi box slow down a seperate wired network?


Thank you for the youtube video. The firewall / pf sense / unfi dream machine videos have been very informative.

I feel like asking this on public form will open myself up to hackers … but …

My current set up for 1 person apt:

cable modem → router/wifi n box (circa 2007)

router/wifi → provides firewall, nat, dhcp, mac address/ip reservations, sends traffic to internet

router/wifi → wifi devices via dhcp ---- all tablets/media boxes, do not need faster /newer wifi
router/wifi → Ethernet to unmanaged 10g/2.5g switch → equipment w 10g/2.5g via wired connections w manual ip address

question is - Is using this older router/wifi box slowing down my separate wired network?

Is my logic correct that the higher speed local wired network traffic is all handled by the switch?

And I do realize that the old router/wifi box firewall will not be as secure as a newer device or dedicated hardware firewall.

Thank you.

Local wired traffic should all be handled by the local switch, unless you are routing across vlans, since you say it is unmanged, then vlans aren’t really much of an option.

What getting a faster/newer/better router would give you is faster/better wifi and faster/better wired to wireless device connections. As well as newer security from the newer router/wifi device.

All that said, it doesn’t sound like you NEED to upgrade the router, but it is something you should think about going forward to get the better wifi performance.

cool. thank you for confirming my basic networking logic.

The only reason I would need (need a strong way to put it) upgrade my wifi - is extended range / try to have coverage on my roof 2 floors up. That need is minimal and there are obviously better ways to have wifi on the roof.

was looking at pf sense box for a better firewall and vpn access- and then use my router as access point, but seem like it will more complex to set up than i really need.

Changing to pfsense and switching the old router to AP mode would start you going towards multiple AP to cover your roof. May be a goal to work towards when money and time allow.

A 15 year old wifi access point should be upgraded for security, if nothing else. You spent the money to get a 10G/2.5G switch, but are still using a router from 2007? Most of that vintage have gigabit for the LAN, but a lot of the WAN ports are only 100MB. Not sure how fast your internet is, but you may be limited to 100MB due to hardware.

With the new high-speed equipment you mention, I am curious why you keep the old router. Does it offer something specific that newer ones do not offer?

Also, if you have 10G devices, speed it something you obviously want/need. Why not upgrade an inexpensive thing like a WAP to something that runs AC wifi?

I also agree with @Greg_E about changing to pfSense for routing. Even if you use an old PC for this, it’ll still be a LOT faster than a router from 2007 - and a lot more secure.

For me routing speed to the internet is not an issue, most people in my area are stuck with less than 100mbps down and less than 10mbps up, so old routers are just as capable as they were back in the day (because the internet hasn’t been scaled up on more than 20 years).

There are reasons to keep a simple consumer based router, they are easy to deal with. Family member may need to use them and getting into complex things like pfsense/opnsense or Untangle may not be a good choice. If you have no other family that might need to navigate this stuff, then complex is not an issue.

I don’t have issues getting my full 300mb down/50mbit up.

again - there is only me using this network.

working under the plan of not fixing what isnt broken.

Thank you